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Illwave (Skyler Alecson)

Jackson Whalan
Sweller (James Wells)


-Jackson Whalan-

Limitless, prodigious, ingenious, indigenous
Ripping into a vortex of lyrical genesis
Assimilating hip-hop with the supernatural
Factual, actual, instantly compatible
Spiritual journey of psychedelic spectacle
Realms and planes held by the celestial
Encountering incredibly, deeply penetrate
Into the merging of dream and waking state
Having a taste of humanity at stake
At a critical point when it all could brake
Endless waste - nature's been defaced
Every body running to an endless race
So tune into an ancient rhythm a sacred pace
Embracing the world escaping the chase
Putting energy in its proper place
Through billions of stars in the sky to trace


Yo the flow great and opaque like oh my gouache,
I Create many mistakes, erase and hold my thought,
I should fill it with acrylic so slovenly you could spilll it
Carbon copy of my spirit, quite shocking and fucking vivid
This visceral criminal depict the physical image
Of random manimal vision of a cave man takin' damage
Smallest clan granted tusks that once roamed the planet
The scheme was the grandest,
'Til another man started taking advantage of the
Emotions and the ocean while promotin mad pollution over time..
Seldom will we find those who see amongst the blind,
But the vibes is back, with some saber tooth rhymes to rap
Hate the truth well this time the facts,
Is some prehistoric proof to keep ya mind relaxed
Toke the mota make the times go back,
Toke the mota make ya mind go back.
Word up.


released January 20, 2013
Album Art:

Erin CPotter



all rights reserved


Illwave Boston, Massachusetts


Producer/Engineer venturing to flabbergast your cochleas.

Artwork: James Wells

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